on my sewing table.

The temperature has dipped here. Dare I say it, even a little earlier than usual? I had to a take a quick morning trip to the sewing table before the hubbub of the day began (and is still …bub bub bubing along, I may add). My usual suspects of at home warm goodies no longer fit over the belly. And so this creation was born.


Truly Canadian being two thrifted Roots items, a sweatshirt that has seen less stained days and 3/4 length sweat pants that are useless. Too warm for 3/4 length pants and too short for cold days. I thought they would be good with boots, but no. They must be good for people with, you know, heat. Not the wood stove kind. There is ice on the bathroom window which reminded me of this little tidbit from years ago…….

When I was working at a book bindery in Ye Olde Boston some years ago I found myself along with ironically, a Torontonian, oiling the library of a certain founding father. It was an enlightening week. Not only to flip through the library but the oiling was done with us sitting in a formal sitting room bursting with Chippendale furniture. We actually sat on these settees which may in fact have brothers and sisters in a museum of some sort, with wooden side tables for our desks. It was pretty imposing and elicited many giggles from us. ‘Well, la di da! Look at us.’, etc., etc. This task was done in the dead of winter. The most talked about bit of our time was the bathroom. It was almost entirely marble and cold as anything, with ice on the inside of the windows. I had already in the two or so years I had been in Boston witnessed its many self induced privations, the decades old LL Bean shirts, the Green Line, but this? It was an eye opener. Surely my housemates and I were stoic and had minimal heating, one cooking burner for eight people but here was the proofed pudding. Ice on the inside of the windows side by each to Chippendale furniture.

*Using the prompts from Write Alm this week. Loosely, loosely today.

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