i dared.

At freshly 18 to buy a one way train ticket to move in with a rock and roll band, half the country away.

At newly 22 to get married when the general consensus was to, not.

After that, it all fell in to place. No longer feeling like a dare, just natural. The moving, the babies, the more moving, the switching countries it was all right and not a risk.

At 36 I dare to squirrel away 10 or so pink tee shirts from an eagle-eyed five year old with a bursting bureau.


*Using the daily writing prompt from write alm, to keep me honest.


Unrisen sourdough loaf transformed in to a sister loving breakfast of french toast with sour cream and peaches.



2 thoughts on “i dared.

  1. yes! i remember being in my early 20s and taking off to india for a month, graduating from college and buying a one way train ticket to nyc only to get derailed in new orleans. after all these years i find i still like the roller coaster.

    1. ‘Derailed in New Orleans’ there must be a song with that title!After a very creepy break-in in Boston my husband and I became derailed on a trip to New Orleans and broke up for a year, a different derailment for sure.The roller coaster is more of a way of life!

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