quick makings.


There seem to be two different dimensions as far as clothing goes in this home. Dave and I feel like the laundry is over whelming, that each child has piles and piles of clothing, too many, too much. The children, on the other hand, feel differently. Every morning when getting dressed I hear cries of, ‘I have no pants!’, and ‘Where are all the socks?’. Indeed, where are all the socks?

Gray was feeling especially shortchanged last night and so today I made a little boy happy in a little over an hour. Blue cords, re-enforced knees and a refashioned sweater. The pants are a simple elasticized waist using the sweatpants pattern from the Sewing For Boys book. This is either the fifth or sixth pair of pants I have made from the pattern. Easy peasy. Pants for the boys around here have a shortened life span. The sweater is a rub-off from a shirt that fits Gray. The material is a felted Dad sweater that made its way to my cupboard of treasures.

Now Dash is wondering where his new pair of pants are.


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