maternisized makings.

The elusive photo shoot. It never seems to happen. Or when it does the photographer is a five year old and it is difficult to be a diva with a little behind the lens. This is my disclaimer. These photos are merely there as proof that they, being the items of clothing, actually exist and are not still a figment of my late night pregnancy eating imagination.


What exactly are all of those dark items photographed against a black table in the fading light? Why my own personal Alabama Chanin collection! In order to make room for the belly I added two inches to the sides under the bust and four inches to the bottom hem edge, if they were hemmed, which they clearly are not. A stretchy wool sweater tunic length in blue, tee in blue cotton, bolero with long sleeves in blue wool, all thrifted fabric. Someone must have been purging their blue collection and I scooped it all up (see below photo for more proof). The lone sand colored wolf is a remake from the tube dress that I wore when I had my sweet little Gray. The dress had not been worn for the past seven years but even I had a difficult time parting from the fabric and so….transformed!


Two Lingering Layers skirts from Handmade Beginnings. These skirts are very fun to make with several slightly trying curved pieces at the top and are generously sized (big kisses to Anna Maria). One in blue wool with fancy trim both thrifted materials and the other a prison stripe-ish cotton I felt compelled to purchased 5m of a few years ago on sale.


A much changed Mariposa tunic also from Handmade Beginnings along with an Early Empire Cinch belt. Right from the beginning I suspected the sleeves with the pattern would not be flattering for me and instead used the Tova tunic sleeves, shortened. I lengthened the body pieces because I have a long torso and did actually sew the ties on only to realize I would never wear the tunic with them, hacked off the ties ruched that sucker up with some swimsuit elastic and was finished. I plan to make this next time in two voiles I have making the 3/4 length Tova sleeves and a knee length dress, oooh, very much looking forward to that. The tunic is in a thrifted cotton with the modesty panel in a linen. And a short bit to say how much a I am loving the modesty panel, in fact I plan to add it to a dress I made my last pregnancy for the early days with my newest little. Since I already had the ties made I whipped up the cinch. I am not a belt person at all but felt compelled to make the piece. The jury is still out as to whether or not I will wear it. There are some linens in there and I may get some use out of it and the belt was fun to make.


Mama Vertebrae, shortened to shrug length. Easy and fun to knit. I would like to get another finished by my babymoon.

This being my fifth pregnancy I am feeling weary of store bought maternity clothing but I do have a few items that I have thrifted and feel compelled to recommend.

H and M maternity jeans. Who knew? I love them like crazy. Long enough, stretchy enough, not too skinny. Stay away from the skinny maternity jeans from H and M, far away. Heed my warning, they are indeed trying to strangle you.

Bravado Essential Nursing Tank. Hold on to your drink’s umbrellas ladies because I found two of these, brand new, in my size at the thrift store. Made for pregnancy as well so the belly fits. Be aware that at the end of the day these too are on a mission to put a strangle hold on to you. I have to say I sympathise with the children who find their clothing irritating, I am a fusspot about my clothes and how they feel and fit.

I have been on a Big Mama sewing tear the past weeks, obviously. My eyes and hands are turning to baby clothing now. The kicks and flutters are enough to remind me how quickly February will be here.


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