lucky for the day and no regret.


A feverish toddler to end and start the day have been the norm here this week. This particular malady that has touched the others of us lightly has manifested in a fever for little miss toddler. Typical toddler fashion to my experience. Bringing with it that ole familiar clingyness that isn’t altogether the *worst* thing to happen. Plenty of snuggling on the sofa by the stove, knitting and giving sips of tea, reading stories and looking at beads and wooden people from her special bag. (I am not Yarning Along this week because of this wonderful news!)


It is a balmy 10C already here at Red Ant Homestead and so we are prancing about in a few less layers these next few days. And as luck would have it our winter CSA delivered box arrived this morning! How could I have forgotten and how can a winter CSA already begun? Feeling happy and a little regretful that fall seems to have whizzed by.

Speaking of regret. Today the ALM prompt is regret(s). I have sewn two small books for Dash and I to keep track of our writings this month.

Of all the things to regret, my bread baking will not be one. I read often that mothers with grown children do. Busy hands replicate around me. Whether it be beneath my feet or in the next room. Dumping, mixing, kneading our days full. My interference will not be remembered. The smell of bread while they create their childhood memories will.


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