what we really did.

I have been evasive with the portion of the family that was out of the house yesterday.Image

In the morning till early afternoon our home held a craft party. Mama’s celebrating the Holy Day of the Inner Misfit a day early and hand stitching a la Alabama Chanin. I am working on a Christmas stocking for our new baby. I was foolish enough to think there was a whole year to finish the project but the siblings have informed me that the baby needs a stocking too. Fair enough.


The rest of the afternoon….well…..it was spent on toddler snuggling, napping, knitting when I tired of stitching, tea drinking and listening to NPR podcasts.


But the rest of the family need never know that I only stopped resting to put more logs in the fire or make more tea. A rare treat.


Rika is a big fan of tea.

The whirlwind spun in around 5.30pm. Out all day at their new monthly outdoor class, bursting with new games, ideas and pizza making. Just when I was starting to miss them.


Weekending with The Habit of Being.


5 thoughts on “what we really did.

  1. That’s fabulous, you made me laugh xx I had my own fair share of lounging. It intrigues me when I tire of sewing while sitting on the lounge. I’m not exactly exhausting myself but I actually have to lie down! Have a great week, Katie.
    Oh and the Holy Day of Misfit’s reminds me of a book I have called “Saint Mis’Behaving.” That would be me.

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