sewn in to submission.


I have been working with the Anna Maria Horner, Handmade Beginnings book these past few days.

Piece-y. Yes, written by a quilter.  A new found respect for her sewing patterns has emerged while cutting and sewing these pieces. My personal saga with this book started during my last pregnancy. I have checked the book out at the library and the patterns were not in the back. The only item I made was the Four Cornered Blouse and let me tell you, I struggled along through that. The pattern is merely rectangles and the dimensions are given in the book. I am a visual learner and was a little confumbled with the directions but the blouse worked out. When I returned the book to the library to Iet them know that the patterns were not with the book when I checked it out. They assured me that they knew and that when the book came in the patterns were most likely thrown out. Oof. A very annoyed pregnant person then decided to email Anna Maria herself to let her know such a travesty was occurring at the library. She, being very sweet (and I am guessing, no stranger to pregnancy annoyances, but that is just a guess) emailed me right back to let me know she would inform her editors. I still think back to that and laugh. Remembering the time I was in a pregnancy rage over missing pattern sheets, I actually felt the necessity to email the author. Cheeks red in embarrassment. This pregnancy I ordered the book from the library again, crossing fingers but no patterns, again and so ponied up for my own copy.


It must have been the fates at work. Three years ago I would have bumbled through and not enjoyed either the sewing or the wearing of these pieces. With that extra time under my sewing belt, things are sailing along. Okay, there has been some cussing and certainly some changes to the patterns but all in all, smooth.

I jokingly emailed to a friend that my choleric personality forces me to bully and craft my projects in to submission and these are projects no different. Sleeves from an entirely different pattern, the eschewing of ties for elastics, extra ruffles (Ruffles! Me? I never would have thought.) and the blatant disregard for pattern sizing.

Sew, sew, sewing these pieces today along with our regular rigamarole.

Action photos forthcoming.


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