There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.*

A smattering of weekend things.

The wind was whipping around the trees in the wee hours last night, stealing the last of the leaves off all but the birch trees. Those hardy reliable birch trees. I know why they are so popular. The rain has continued to the delight of all in this family. I suppose I will just have to bear it and sew all day!


My Handmade Beginnings book came in and the pattern pages are so, so, so mama friendly in size. Yay! With my growing belly wrestling with table sized tissue paper is not going to go well. I hope to work on the Lingering Layers skirt today. The baby is very interested in soups and root beer these days. Affordable indulgences for the rainy day. I finally turned in my four days of food list to the midwife and as Husband said, You look very virtuous, on paper. Hrrrumph. All due to the fact that I did not leave the house for those four days. What one eats of the house, stays out of the house. And another midwife-y sidenote. I have had a new birth attendant for each child. So it goes when you move around. It must have been written in the stars for her and I though. Both from the midwest and both born at the same hospital. In 18+ years since moving from the midwest I have never met anyone from the area or even able to locate it on the map. Something to it.



Every year I struggle with what contribute to our church’s Advent Fair. Yesterday I had an idea to make dish towels from a piece of thrifted cotton/linen fabric. Squeezed out eight. There are weekly craft circles that someday I hope to attend but for now, solo crafting is my route. 

Well, that is what is keeping me busy. The crew are being kept by:

NaNoWriMo workbook

color mixing


Halloween prep. We are hosting a party including a play with forts for each family to host trick or treaters. Excitement!


*Swedish proverb-Det finns inget dåligt väder, bara dåliga kläder. Oft repeated around these parts, starting this time of year.


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