Or, dyeings.


After scrounging around in the leaves under the walnut tree, enough bruised and cracked black walnuts were found to fill the canning pot. The black walnuts stewed on top of the wood stove for a few good hours. A few weeks ago clothing was sorted through and let us just say……we are not a family that wears white well. Still useful to us but a bit overly stained. I ended up dyeing two batches including cotton sweaters, rugby shirt and baby sleepers. Each batch stayed in simmering on the stove for around two hours. I then allowed them to sit overnight unrinsed, on purpose, for once. 



A sampling of the clothing after being run through the wash.


What I was really intending on dyeing, before I dumped in two loads of clothing, was this formerly off white wool yarn for a grade two boys knitting project, upcoming. He helped me unwind the ball and placed it in the pot and was sufficiently impressed when those walnuts he has been hauling around for the past weeks did in fact dye his yarn!

There are oodles and oodles of tutorials on natural dyeing with black walnuts, so I will not go in to the nitty gritty. But, I will link to this post which re-reminded me to not the black walnut season slip by.


2 thoughts on “makings.

  1. Of course I did just that again this year…miss the black walnut dyeing window! And it’s my fave fall dyeing colour – those oatmeal-y clothes look so great! And of course, the kids picked a ton of them and they left them at Pine. Ah well. Love the yarn too!

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