A few weeks ago, feeling exhausted before Husband went to work, I mentioned that it would be nice if someone just showed up at the door with pizza. He reminded me that people do, in fact, do that. You just have to call them to order it. Oh, right. I forgot about that little luxury. I have been keeping that card in my back pocket until last night. Within thirty minutes of the pizza being delivered we had eaten, brushed teeth and set off for bed. Bliss.

At dinner there was a discussion of when Smallest Sister could have her nurse. Now, we all know that is bedtime. She, being Rika, reminded everyone that Baby was having a nurse all the time. My Baby, she said. All the siblings reminded her that Baby is all their Baby. Baby belongs to us, all of us. Just like you Rika. Just, like Brother Dash told us, like I belong to all of you. Yes, you all belong. You belong to us.



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