Ready for a bit of Candiana?

A few days ago we visited both the church and manse where Maud Montgomery spent 16 years of her life. LM liked to be called Maud.


I have such mixed feelings on how to view the home and church. From what I understand she was not happy there but prolific. Eleven books prolific. Is that the curse of the artist? Is this especially the curse of the woman artist? This authoress, wife of a rural minister made $100,00 per year during this time, WWI. She was quite the wealthy woman.

Peppered throughout the lovingly re-created home were quilts. Those historical and those made by volunteers. A ‘crazy’ quilt, which are always the most interesting to me, featherstitch is something special. Especially interesting as she was documented as making one as a child.


Sidenote: There was a coyote skin in the room where she wrote, not the original skin brought by Maud from PEI but like the original one from an actual coyote farm. Take that in, a whole farm of coyotes. Yikes.

The knitting world, as I am sure you all know if you are of the knitting persuasion, is all abuzz about the upcoming release of the Anne inspired knitting book from Slate Falls Press. I was hoping to find more information and perhaps some photos of Maud’s knitting online as I am given to understand she was a knitter. No dice. I  hope that the release of the book will bring out a wave of handwork documentation such as this to help us all understand both the writer and the characters. If you clicked on the link, I think you can join me in a *swoon* about lace knitted counterpanes. If only.

There are big plans for the manse and there are big hearts taking care of both the memory and physical space. I want to take this little space to thank them for preserving both local and women’s history.

~My photos of our homeschool visit came out pretty rotten. I try to take them on the sly so to not disturb the tour and questions. Oh, well. Here is a link.~


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