yarn along.

Little House Shawl.  I have always been intimidated by shawls, thinking I would never get through an entire project, but lo and behold! It is finished, blocked and waiting to be wrapped for Christmas.


Reading, Orley Farm. Enjoying so far. The copy I picked up at the library is small and dense making it all the more fun to read, really. And while I  not have realized it,legal ‘thrillers’ may be interesting to me.

I have already cast on and have gotten to the meat and potatoes bit of the Mama Vertebrae. Contemplating this baby blanket because if I can knit a shawl, a blanket is do-able, no? Trying to keep the perspective that I did only knit a shawl for a child I will most likely make the blanket on the small size. But perspective in knitting it difficult for me to keep.

After I was such a gloomy gus after our wonderful Thanksgiving weekend I checked my friends blog and read this post which lightened my heart. Much needed yesterday. Where would we all be without community?

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


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