Today for me has been filled. How can a few simples errands sap me? Feeling a touch over-extended, over-burdened and over-sensitive these days. Over-sensitivity leads me to hold it all on my shoulders when I would rather let it roll off my back.  It is extraordinary what can bring me back. Knitting, pushing someone on the swing, vacuuming (!). I would like to begin the campaign to exclusively use the wet/dry vac indoors. It does wonders for ones state of mind to suck up those thousands of pieces of paper so carefully ripped up and carelessly thrown to the floor.

Yesterday. Well, yesterday was yesterday and we will all sweep that under the rug. I gathered us a bit later than usual for lessons and we were all the happier for it.


There was much to be enjoyed yesterday outdoors. Those few days left to us filled, absolutely filled, with sunlight should be spent outside. I just want to carefully watch. Enjoying can suddenly cross the line to over-extended.


And how about those bedtimes? Being pushed earlier and earlier. I cannot say I am against it.


Tonight before our two days of Canadian Thanksgiving festivities begin I will relax and remember to eat an extra portion so as to sleep through the night. I always joke that pregnancy is a precursor to the early days of baby. Being woken up, hungry in the middle of the night is one of those things. Speaking of baby. The other day I received my Small Things giveaway winnings from Little  Spruce Organics, thank you!


I am just starting to imagine little legs kicking in these little clothes again. We have more generous hand-me-downs accruing in the baby’s closet and I am resisting the urge to sort through things. Time for that in January.


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