sewing makings.


Quilt strips ready to be sewn on batting (wool blanket) for a toddler’s Christmas present. I am going to add a few

pockets at the end for treasures.


More from the Alabama Chanin book. Maternisized tee in a cotton knit and bolero in a wool knit. I cannot believe I have never made a bolero before. So handy and worn nearly every day. Both will be finished off at the upcoming reverse applique party. Contemplating bindings and stitches. Blue is the mood. There seem to be seasons of color available at the thrift shops. Quite obviously currently, blue.

Another pattern from Alabama Chanin. Or rather, two patterns smooshed together. The short dress (modified to make a mock wrap dress) and sleeves from the tee. The straps kept sliding off and so I added a crescent shape to the back. Were I to make this again, I would use the template for the bolero top back. I could actually see myself making a few more of these. There was quite a bit of stitch-to-fit with this. Good thing I go in for the handmade look. This dress was inspired by this sculpture.
I have obtained an over large swimming suit in the general shape I would like. Over the weekend I hope to take it apart conform it to the pattern I have and resew. I have high hopes for this project.
Canadian Thanksgiving is over the weekend. Either Sunday or Monday. I cannot quite suss out which day it officially is. If any Canadians would like to pipe up, please do. My five year rule seems to be in effect because we have not one but two invitations! For both days. Covered.

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