yarn along.


Knitting: A Little House Shawl to keep myself out of trouble. My intention is to give this to Sira for Christmas. Tonight I am attending a craft circle and hope to get through more of the lace. I have a dream of making on of these for myself as well.

Reading: Life At Blandings, old habits die hard.

Today is our jam-packed day out. I will trundle my knitting along in hopes of getting in a few rows here and there but one must not ask for more than is possible. I have the Anna Maria Horner, Handmade Beginnings waiting for me at the library, one of today’s stops. I am crossing fingers and toes that the patterns are still in the back of the book. I would like to make a Mariposa dress to add to the maternity and nursing wardrobe. I have made three more unposted maternity shirts and am ready to try something different!

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


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