back to center.


Welcome, October. Please be warm.


While everything else around here seems to be cruising right along, I am feeling a little out of sorts. Lately I have been feeling my most comfortable in the kitchen. Finding reasons to escape to there frequently. Inspired by yesterdays Simple Bites post, I  soaked oatmeal in apple juice last night and soaked beans to make duck broth and apple juice with bacon and molasses beans for todays dinner. I have a beef roast thawing now to make the brisket recipe. Tomorrow is our long day out and while it is full of fun, I have to be overprepared. After picking up five more bushels of free, organic, windfall apples we are in apples again. Sauce and juice. What to cook with apples is foremost on my cooking mind these days. The freezer is jam packed and my canning gumption is out the window. We are drying apple slices for winter hikes and days out. With one bushel left I think we will not have the ‘problem’ for long.


After our Michaelmas festival at church on Sunday we found this on the side of the road. Oh, Greater Toronto Area. The joys your curbsides bring. While I do not think we have much use for a pine nut sheller, a wheat grinder would be great. But after cleaning and experimenting that is not what this will be. I will continue to experiment with the sheller. If anyone has any experience either using this particular apparatus or hacking it please let me know.

Otherwise this sunny day trundles on with lessons, sewing, knitting and more food.


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