sweet september.

September. The equalizing month. Where we all getting down to brass tacks, whatever those tacks may be. No more vacations or weeks away. Rhythms and what-have-you’s are falling in to place. It is almost Thanksgiving here in Canada (oops, nearly forgot about that again!). There are still hot days where you end up at the beach. Hiking in shorts, sun on your face. Where everyone piles outside and rides bicycles all day. Food, food, food. Mustn’t forget about the food!  I love September. My favorite month.

Last September was rushed. It had our family re-evaluating both our values and how things were going to work from here on out. Permanent decisions to be made. This September, I think we all are feeling settled.

To round out our September we are taking a few days to celebrate Michaelmas with stories, crafts (inspired by this newsletter) , a festival and a large feast (with a duck standing in the for the traditional goose) prepared by Dad (phew).


I will celebrate the coming darkness without thinking about it too much. That I will leave for October.


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