…of the house.


If I am being completely honest I have to admit I would stay home every day of the week. Throw in being pregnant and that ‘almost’ evaporates in to ‘every’.


That doesn’t jive with my errand and child activity list and so off we trudged yesterday morning for our Wednesday big day out.


Back a few months ago when I was organizing our week for lesson season I thought I was a genius. Now I am doubting that. Wednesdays are chock full of activities timed just so.

Morning lesson time and errands are pretty much a blur. There was more stocking up for winter. Honey (such a big tub that I have informed the honey bears in our home is not to be eaten a Pooh would), apples for eating and drying, flour and oats that need to find a home in those myriad of glass jars I have kicking around, and the list goes on and on.


At almost the end of the day we ended up at biggest brother’s choir practice. A chance for an out-breath. For running and swinging in the perfect September sunlight.

I will skim over the end of the night where we met Dad at the thrift store (and Mama found a ‘mekko dress perfect for that last month of pregnancy), ate leftovers and all fell in to bed exhausted. I prefer to remember the playing portion of the day. And it also reminds me to go back to the drawing board to tweak our day out routine.


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