yarn along.


Vertebrae newborn sweater finished. Used sized 6US needles because I have them and I figure our tinies grow quickly. With nothing else pending I began a version of the Purl Bee Color Tipped Scarf. Just something for idle hands until I begin my next intended project.

Reading together with my 10 year old, The Living World of Plants. Tiptap the Gnome is our new night reading with the toddler who has a bit of a belly thing happening this morning. She just loves this book. And I am hoping her little belly thing is just a toddler morning thing.

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


6 thoughts on “yarn along.

    1. Thanks! I have only seen this particular sock yarn in Canada. And I seem to see it everywhere. I love it and the price is right! This is such a fun pattern to knit, isn’t it? Her patterns seem to suit my knitting style! I hope to start the Mama Vertebrae later this week.

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