bits and bobs….

…and a few found photos.

I am feeling thoroughly over food. The putting away of, picking of, peeling of, thinking of. But the season of plenty is not over! Thankfully. No, I am grateful for the bounty. I just haven’t been able to enjoy it yet. The freezers are officially full or jammed or stuffed or whatever so freezing is over. I will do a bit more drying and throw in the towel. Until November and the culling of chickens begins. But that is November and my memory of aching hands and forearms from duck plucking will have receded by then. One hopes.


I found a few photos a biggest brother took of his adored little sister the other day. I really should let him do this more often.


Today there is a glut of eggs. Lovely, lovely eggs. And I have no intention of selling them roadside for 4 measly dollars as everyone else in the house is pleading. Between lessons and watercolor painting this afternoon I plan to try a few new recipes.

For lunch using duck broth left over from the fateful day, this recipe which is more of a reminder to make potato leek soup.

Chocolate mousse from Joy of Cooking, circa 1975.

Pickled eggs from Joe Beef, circa not too long ago.

And for those ducks livers soaking away in the fridge, pate.

Just make sure I overplan and overextend myself today I have also been cookin’ up a few sewing plans.


Well. What do you think of this slightly creepy, very soft, brushed cotton knit that I now have 4 1/2 yards of? The local thrift store comes through again (?) for me. I  was on the fence about this purchase for $3, but the little girls around here? They love it. I plan on making them nightgowns for Christmas. I am also going to try a few of these out with the above fabric. And after seeing this post on the Jealous Curator last night, I was scheming on how to make the dress from this sculpture. Willy Verginer, wow. Stunning.

I have nearly finished my first baby knitting project and I have won a Little Spruce weekend giveaway from the Small Things blog!

Anyone else have big plans for the day (that will most likely spill over to the rest of the week)?


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