Doughy birthday treats.


An almost finished baby knit.


A big brother helping out a little sister.


Midwife appointments. Nice and boring. The way I like them.


My first maternisized swimsuit finished. Not quite right but a good start. And you are the mayor of crazy town if you think I am going to try it on for all to see. It was good fun sewing and I look forward to trying a new version in the proper material. Because you can’t believe everything you read on the internet I tried it in two way stretch and not four way stretch. Tsk, tsk big mama.

Later today we are (finally) going to eat hot ham and cheese sandwiches. Every evening around bedtime for the past few weeks I have remarked of how good it would be to have a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Something about the second trimester makes me want this sandwich. I took matters in to my own hands today and baked these buns and bought a slab of peameal bacon. I can’t wait!

Then of course, the apples. It always goes back round to the apples. We are considering getting another few bushels but are going to hold off till later this weekend. On Saturday we will be purchasing and butchering 7 free-range ducks that will need a home in that full freezer. Which reminds me…..I have to re-organize the freezer. I feel very lucky to have a full freezer to greet fall with. I am just wondering how others are handling the seasonal food glut?


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