Swiss, Bodil, Sissy or DeDe. Whatever you call her, Sira is five today!

The morning began (early) at birthday table before Dad left for work.  This year Sira chose her birthday dress fabric from the thrift store and pattern from my store of patterns scrounged up from various places. I cannot even find the pattern now to reference it but it is superfluous. In fact so much that I chucked it to the side while laying out the fabric to cut. A monkey could make this dress. It was requested to be ‘long’ and ‘fancy’. Something a fairy would wear to feed the chickens. I believe this will make it through till spring and can have woolies layered underneath for fancy winter fairy-wear.


I was able to use a favorite button which always scores extra points for me.


I managed to thrift a first edition of the always lovely, Lavender’s Blue by Kathleen Lines for Sira. Resting time reading to top all resting time reading. The illustrations by Harold Jones are beautiful.

The birthday girl has requested watercolor painting and sprinkles on her cake. The bad news is that she is not getting a cake but a tart with banana pudding and whipped cream. Tomorrow I will make sure to have sprinkles on hand for the doughnuts I am making for a celebration with friends who happen to be apple picking nearby and are popping in. Later in the week I hope to get my cake baking act together and make a version of this cake for a few events. The festivities continue well in to the weekend. A little scattered but all a sleepy mama can muster this year.

Linking up with Husmorsskolan sewing circle.


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