maternity makings.

After sitting on the sewing table for months waiting for my old friend to be fixed the unstructured, linen, maternity-modified Minoru is made.


I am seriously tripping the light fantastic over this jacket. There was doubt if I could pull off making it but I did! It’s not perfect but it’s awesome! As we ALL know directions are for chumps. Chumps that prefer efficiency and properly made items to the ripping out of seams and adding extra binding. Due to not consulting the directions and merrily stitching along in a haze I had a few snafu’s with the lining and maybe added an hour or so to the sewing time which was actually probably in total three full hours. I am not kidding. Make this coat. 


Several modifications have been made.

1.Linen. Not stretchy at all.

2. Cotton lining. Against all the recommendations I read for using a ‘slippery’ fabric.

3. Length cut for a size 12. Width in back and arms cut for size 4. Front width cut for size 12.

4. No elastic.

5. No pockets.

6. No cuffs.

Did I, you ask actually make a Minoru Jacket? Hmmmmm….well, yes! The reason for the linen and cotton is for breathability. This is an early fall pregnancy and spring baby wearing coat. Pregnant people get overheated as do people and tiny babies snuggled up to one another for hours at a time. In retrospect I should have put pocket at hip level and am still contemplating shell pockets for the front. I need a handkerchief pocket for the many noses, faces and hands that need wiping. I am little lost without a handkerchief.


I have a particular fondness for the green zipper.

And the first thing Husband said when he saw the jacket? ‘It looks so Umbrellas of Cherbourg.’ Perfect. I also have to give him the ‘Saying the perfect things’ award for this past week. Aside from the life affirming quote above he also without quibbling or eyerolling accepted a grocery shopping list with just ground cardamon and red wine vinegar scribbled on it. During pregnancy I am a little………confused……about what I would like to eat.

There are a few more finished sewn pieces I have to photo graph including a birthday dress and maternity pencil skirt. I need to get cracking on a few shirts for an upcoming reverse applique party I am throwing in a month.

That and oh, boy. Tomato season has squished to an end for us now it is on to the apples!


4 thoughts on “maternity makings.

  1. Oh my! We watched Les Parapluies in high school and I haven’t thought about it in forever! Thanks for the trip down memory lane 🙂 I quite enjoy the green zipper too!

    I think I found your blog via Yarn Along tag – but not sure. Either way, I’m enjoying reading!

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