why don’t i have morning sickness?

Good question. I usually greet the first trimester with large amounts of heaving and varying amounts of throwing up until the 22nd week. I am now 17 weeks and have not thrown up once. It is a record for me. At about 15 weeks just when someone says, ‘You must feel great!’ I usually take a turn for the worse. The ‘worse’ this time has been a little gagging. I have read up on morning sickness until the articles usually preachy or overly medical make me too more sick and still have no answer. I have excused the other pregnancies bouts of morning sickness away and followed advice. Nuts, check. Exercise, check. Small meals, check. B vitamins,  check. Check, check, checkity, check. That advice did nothing for me. In fact it mostly made me feel guilty and like I was doing something wrong. Why do these other people simply breeze through and imply that I have either bad nutrition or am a whiner?  Well, I don’t have all the answers for my lack of morning sickness but my few thoughts this time are these…..

1. In the 6 plus proceeding months I ate whole wheat, homemade sourdough bread every day.  B vitamins.

2. 12 or so ounces of homebrewed kombucha daily for the three months before pregnancy. More B vitamins.

3. Lack of exercise. I was tired. Oh, so very tired and lazy this time. When I did drag my sorry self out for a walk, I gagged. In pregnancies before I walked, long walks, every day because I thought it would get me out of my funk. No. It made me throw up.

4. Low amounts of green vegetables. Green vegetables are straight from the devil for  me in early pregnancy. Just tonight I am making a whole skillet of kale with bacon and it tastes great. And I expect it to all stay right where I put it. In my stomach.

5. Less whim following eating. We live in the country and have one car.

6. No nuts. Not even soaked and dried.

7. We did not tell many people until the second trimester and so I did not have to talk about being pregnant all the time. I actually really liked it.

We have heard the heartbeat twice, loud and strong. So reassuring.

I am thinking the whole above list of factors have contributed to my extra tired but not yucky beginning of pregnancy. Now on to some more eating!



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