peaches, tomatoes and margaritas.

Nothing like a day spent in the hot, humid, busy city to make you appreciate country living. Phew. Yesterday was long and full of errands. Today, by comparison, is a dream.

ImageYesterday our main goal was to pick up a bushel of peaches. After the expected kerfuffle of a day we headed home with many library books, a dozing toddler and a trunk full of fruit. After picking through the bruised peaches and popping in the fridge last night (then immediately falling to sleep) I spent this entire morning both lightly blanching to remove the skins, slicing then freezing peaches and roasting tomatoes. The freezer is nearly full. Ready for the cold, long winter with a new little baby coming at the end of it. Just when we usually run out of last summer’s goodies. Hence the crush to fill the freezer to the brim. This year I wised up and instead of purchasing a few cans of tomato juice (foolish in hindsight!) I am reducing the drippings from the roasted tomatoes to freeze. I also took advantage of the peach drippings to reduce to a simple syrup in order to make a version of the margaritas from A Girl’s Guide to Guns and Butter. Virgin for me and tequila’ed up for husband. To eat alongside I have made a grandiose amount of child friendly peach salsa. I am hoping to have an evening of celebrating as I have finished the first trimester of homeschool planning, it is the last ‘long weekend’ of summer and we all need a little vacation before the busy season starts all over again. And to get in that game of Rummicube I have been trying to play with the boys for the past six days. Sigh.


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