dreams and plans.

Last night I dreamt I had a herd of goats that kept running in to the woods. I have goats on the brain. Contrary to my previous thoughts, I may want one. Hot on the heels of this dream I was awakened by a cow moo’ing. Across the road and field are a small herd of cows which make themselves known from time to time. I love waking up to the sound of moo’ing, pastured cows.

I have also been dreaming of the makings of many, many things. Spurred by the fact that we are lucky enough to be expecting a new little in to the fold at the end of winter. The sewing and knitting frenzy as begun!

I have a few completed maternity items because there is NO WAY I am going down the bought maternity clothing road again. Too hideous. And I am veering away from straight up maternity patterns because of the tent, moose-y look to them. I have been studying tutorials such as this about modifying existing patterns. I will be posting about these pieces soon!

As far as knitting. Well, I cannot stop myself making baby sweater and socks. I feel totally justified as we live in Canada. I love the Joelle Hoverson baby socks pattern and I will be making another pair of the stay on socks as well as a whole mess of the previous pattern. I will be making a Vertebrae and another Puerperium Cardigan for the teeny. Every single time I have a baby I wish that I would have knitted myself a shrug to use during the cold nights of nursing a newborn. This time I actually am going to do it. Hopefully using the Mama Vertebrae shortening the back so I can also wear it during pregnancy.

Does anyone have any other pattern suggestions?


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