late summer to do list.

All those things that need doing, I want to do and have to do.

1. Learning Apache and North Indian games for my grade two little.

2. Rediscover the rudiments of geometry for my grade five fella.

3. Tomatoes!

4. Choosing stories with far reaching, centering themes for my wants-to-be-in-         kindergarten little.

5. Potato digging.

6. Knitting.

7. Birthday making for two girls.

8. Hiking club planning.

9. Writing and experimenting.

10. Tidying up the messy corners that accumulate rocks and sticks.

11. Book buying.

12. Last minute swims, picnics, full days outside.

13. Sewing up all those pieces of fabric in a pile.

14. Staying up late so I can actually talk to my husband.

15. Hunting for roadside apples.

16. Soaking up the last bits by myself during the quiet moments when littles have found books,  toys and what-have-you to occupy them.



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