yarn along.

ImageFinished the Confection Shrug. Turns out it is too wide across the back for the 2 year old’s birthday and so it will be for Sira’s birthday. No great tragedy as she loves it. This yarn seems particularly difficult to photograph. I did not pick up for the binding, added intarsia hearts across the back and added an extra eyelet round to the arms. Simple and quick. For Rika’s birthday I hope to cast on the Colin Vest later today. I have angora I would like to use for the vest and I will also add a few hearts because that is proving to be popular around here these days.


I am actually reading the Ancient Mythologies for grade five research. I love it and cannot wait to work with it. Drape Drape 3, perusing. I think I am finally going to brave a pattern later this week. Sew Knits also perusing because I need all the help I can get.

Yarning Along with Ginny of Small Things.


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