peach pit polishing.

ImageImageImageImageFor a smallest sister’s play kitchen to be made by Dad.

We are on a ‘Baba vacation’ this week. Meaning my mom/grandma is visiting! Yay!


7 thoughts on “peach pit polishing.

    1. We boil them to pick off the remainder of the fruit, dry them in a ‘hot’ oven (usually still warm from baking bread, till they seem….dry), sand with coarse grit, then fine grit paper and oil. They are being used as play food or whatever in the kitchen. We also use them as math counters.

  1. where do you get beeswax polish? seems so useful for so many things! we are also drying ours. i saw some amazing stuff people carve out of them online. CRAZY! enjoy your mom’s visit!

    1. Sorry I never replied last week — I did ask. He doesn’t make it himself. He has heard it is just the wax and a solvent mixture, the solvent evaporates away and the wax remains behind. He seemed to think it didn’t need to be mixed, you could just use a little solvent, then put the wax on, but he wasn’t sure.

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