tidy up.

The great end-of-summer, we-have-lived-here-over-8-months and I-have-always- meant-to-do-this-but-never-made-the-time pattern tidy up.

ImageThe mess of a pattern drawer.

Over the past few years of sewing I have taken many, many books with patterns out of the library and traced them, bought e-patterns and printed free patterns off the internet. The result was a big pile of paper that was nearly impossible to sort through. Top that off with a toddler and her older sister who wanted to look through the store bought patterns and took them all out of their envelopes. What a mess. I dreaded looking through there. Yesterday I finally worked up the gumption to do something about it.

ImageA friend passed along this thick wrapping paper a few months ago and so I traced a store bought pattern envelope, cut, glued, made frontpieces and now……

ImageSo much better.

ImageI have one more large piece of wrapping paper left and so will make up additional envelopes to avoid this messy problem again.

And now that I have sharpened my organizational claws on this project, I am ready to continue lesson planning in earnest. I have an amazing box of lent-to-us grade five materials to marvel at as a reward for my grade two organizing.


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