yarn along.

ImageFinished another of the Favorite Hats this time for husband. Originally intended for me I thought he would like the blue stripe.


Working on a Confection Shrug for Rika’s birthday next month. Trying to make a line of hearts in the back. I think it is actually is working out which is gratifying as I; 1. don’t know how to do intarsia, and 2. started and worked halfway through the hearts in the semi darkness of bedtime while listening to Sparkle Stories (by the by-they have an app now and have a weekly free story). Using thrifted and gifted yarn. This pattern has been in my things to make binder for over two years.

ImageI have given up the farce that I am reading anything other than lesson material. It is just that time of year. I will reward myself later with a gorge of syrupy English village stories. I can’t wait! This week I am planning for Grade Two using Enki, Christopherus and Spiritual Syllabus. I use the Enki planning sheets to map out the days, weeks and yearly lessons. I usually modify the Enki sheets for the older grades but am wondering if anyone else has a favorite set of sheets to use for planning? We live in Canada and it is not necessary for us to report our progress it is for us now and in the future.

Yarning Along with Ginny of Small Things.







4 thoughts on “yarn along.

  1. Sounds about like my house. Between homeschool planning for the coming year and the cooler weather, I’ve gotten nothing done in the knitting department! The hat is great, though!

  2. One of the first patterns I made when I graduated from the scarf was the confectioners pattern. I still have it although they’ve all outgrown it. Great hat too!

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