in the middle of makings.

I have finally traced am in the middle of cutting for my Minoru. I am very excited and at the risk of being a little Hee Haw I have taken the plunge and will line this slubby (what I suspect may be a) cotton/linen blend with yellow gingham. ImageAll the supplies aside from the pattern are thrifted which makes me all the more happy. I have made several modifications to the pattern that I will write about when it is finished and ready to be worn.

ImageWhen I picked up the above slub fabric, Sira chose this fabric for her birthday dress. This pattern has been hanging around waiting to be used. Just as Dave said when he saw this actually very soft cotton, ‘Wow’. I am lying. I like this fabric. It reminds me of Betsey Johnson and so what is there not to love about it?


As the sewing machine is this close to being fixed I am working on this handsewn Chanin-style stretchy pencil skirt using the modified Gertie pencil skirt pattern. The fabric is also another thrifted stretch cotton that started as an emerald green but was tied up and thrown in a bleach bath until made nice.

For fun today I am linking up with a sewing circle over in Sweden, Husmorsskolan.





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