can it.

ImageI am feeling a little over canning. Today I made a batch of this apricot spread. Early this morning I went to a local farm stand and cleaned out their reduced section. While cost effective it also ensures you work with what you bought off the cheapie shelf that day. The first mistake I made with this spread was doubling the recipe. If a little bit is good, isn’t alot better? Well. It just wasn’t reducing and acting the way I wanted so I lost faith. I did make one of these handy dandy fellas which simplified matters this time round. There was some bubbling over so I scooped some out of the cooking pot and decided refrigerator jam it is! I will freeze two of the not pictured jars, refrigerate the others that have already been processed and roll with it. I was anticipating canning all day. Steam lost. Fermentation and refrigerator pickles have won out.

ImageMaking my trusty Nourishing Traditions cucumber pickles, these refrigerator bread and butter pickles, sauerkraut and tomorrow I will make kimchi so we can eat this constantly. Three children and Dad went on a hedgerow scavenge and came home with liters and liters of crab apples and ‘early’ (read: unripe) pears. Those will be dealt with tomorrow.

ImagePoppy seed sourdough rolls for the boys upcoming camping trip. Just a few extras.

ImageMy first 1/2 bushel of romas of the season. These are being roasted, skinned and frozen. The next 1/2 bushel I hope to can using this recipe.

I have been thinking about the end of summer and August which always makes me think of Grace Braun.  Specifically this album and since I cannot be too rigid (and I cannot listen to the same album for hours) I will throw in some 90’s punk/garage. Several old Thee Headcoatees and Delmonas mixtapes kicking around down in the basement. I am in the process of digging out old cassettes with which to preserve by. Then of course I must listen to Car Talk. Who ferments without Click and Clack? I start to go a little nutty in the kitchen with just my thoughts.


5 thoughts on “can it.

  1. I can relate! I haven’t started my canning yet, but I am starting to get apprehensive because the beets need to come out of the ground and this baby is due today! I had the same trouble with tomato sauce as you did with your apricots. Though, I also found out I should have used different tomatoes. Here’s a post from my old business blog about my canning from last year:
    This year is already shaping up to as out-of-control. I’m gonna need some help around this place!

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