tie dye party.

Using this book a group of friends spent the morning dyeing.

ImageWhile crafting with children is lovely crafting with just grownups is relaxing.

I am so pleased with my results. A huge step up from the first foray in to tie dyeing. I cannot wait to see how everyone else’s turned out. There were matching tees, leggings and curtains. Please excuse the photos I was too excited to wait.

ImageEveryone brought different colors and we all shared dyes, mixing and matching. I appear to purchase my dyes for the person I want to be. Cheerful? Up, up, up? But what I really think I am is navy blue and yellow.

ImageA favorite nightgown, transformed.

ImageSira had a big spill on the bicycle this afternoon. Her mood lifted after a nap and seeing her ‘new’ tank top.

And! I have flannel yardage to make a winter Portrait Blouse. So excited because Dave is working on my sewing machine right now, it’s a timing issue. Both the problem and the finding the time to watch youtube videos and fix it. I hope to be back in the machine stitchery land soon.

Next up in November we are going to have a reverse applique party based on this book. Bite sized meet ups with projects based on books available at the library. Perfect for mamas who get a small amount of time to themselves.

I am hoping to talk everyone in to sandals for the January meet up!


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