kitchen makings.

I have not yet delved in to proper soapmaking for now melting glycerin for that purpose, adding a little something and pouring in to molds works.


A few winters ago I picked up the Weleda Tummy Oil on the clearance shelf at the health food store. Not quite sure why because I never use this kind of thing but every once in a while get a flurry of ‘responsible’ and buy something like this. Oddly enough I love the smell and have been putting a few drops on my arms when I remember. It is a mighty strange feeling to realize you are using colic oil as a perfume. So I added some to the glycerin and now have colic soap.

ImageLate in the afternoon we were all stuck with a cookie craving. I told everyone how my sister and I loved to make no bake cookies when we were small but alas we did not have all the ‘right’ ingredients. So we used a smash-up of recipes and came up with our own version with a super surprise – raspberries. I am not a fan of chocolate but it is entirely appropriate when paired with raspberries.

While I was merrily mixing and melting away in the kitchen this occurred. Littlest sister had a blast with the rest of the oats in the jar.

ImageIt was difficult to get a picture of the entire mess because it spanned four rooms. Oh, well. The cookies were good.  Rika is quickly becoming the new Emil in our home. We all have a special place in our hearts for old Emil and I like to yell, ‘Emil!’ in certain situations.

I have been working on refrigerator pickles, cukes and string beans. Not quite worth it to process them. I used this recipe. I plan on processing a big batch of bread and butter pickles in the next weeks. The garden is not very exciting but I will be harvesting a few herbs to put in our special salsa for our Tie Dye Party tomorrow. Grown-ups only.

We are getting around 7 eggs a day and are eating them as they come in the door. I know, I know but it is all too exciting. A new favorite is egg tacos on corn tortillas. A few more of the chickens are starting to lay. In my current experience they lay an egg with no shell first and then begin regular laying. I *think*. I have saved, baked a batch of used shells and have ground them up to add to their food. I am hesitating. Other people do this right? I have this fear they will get a taste for shells even though they are cooked thoroughly. Is it worth it or should I just purchase some oyster shell at the feed store? Also after mulling it over next year we will get around 10 layers and the rest raising for broilers.


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