hiking research

This September I will be organizing a hiking club for homeschoolers from both the city and near us. We are lucky to live within 10 miles of dozens of trails. York Region apparently likes to keep on top of things. The trails are nice.


The maps? Still a mystery. So we are working on our own. To be expanded during walks, using compasses, flora and fauna identification and paces.


The raspberries and blackberries along the trail are in full fruit. My little bears foraged while the mosquitos also had a feast. I am hoping in September/October this trail will be more ‘people friendly’.


A few of the trees were shimmied up and tested for climbability.

ImageI tried to get a photo of a made by me dress that I have yet to wear out. So now there is a photo of the top half of this dress and the bottom half. In two different locations.  I am going to read the camera manual, finally!  I would like to figure out the timer.  After months of just fiddling with it I realized the shortest course of action would be to look at the directions, begrudgingly.

Makings tomorrow!


7 thoughts on “hiking research

  1. The maps are out there… though perhaps not fully accessible to the ‘public’.

    A map of the different ‘forest tracts’: http://maps.york.ca/yorkexplorer/pdf/YorkRegionalForestTracts_Sml.pdf — but just where they are, not of the areas themselves.

    The orienteering club has done some courses on some of them, and they have detailed maps of the trails — which they based on something. Trying to remember what they call the source of those… I’ll see if it comes to me. I do have a paper trail map of the Eldred King Tract somewhere in my ‘files’.

    Oh, look what I found: You can get a guided hike from the city, for free, http://www.york.ca/Services/Environmental+Services/Forestry/Nature%27s+Classroom.htm

    The different contact #’s/emails here might help: http://www.york.ca/Services/Environmental+Services/Forestry/Forestry+Contact+Page.htm

    1. Great! Most likely later this week we will be picking the third spot. I am thinking one trail per month because 1. it is every other week 2. the trails are lengthy enough and 3. the children will build a bit of confidence and be able to venture forward with us behind. I am hoping to do a little mapmaking if everyone is up for it after the second trip. Then maybe a revisit in the winter when it will look totally different!

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