yarn along.

I finally finished my tank but the outcome is so scary I cannot even look at it right now. The front is a big stretchy horror. First I thought I could figure out how to make it cowl-ish but that is not working. I am going to have to run a thread through it to fix it somehow. Lesson learned. When something seems like it is not working, it is not. Frog it. I actually feel like throwing this on a bonfire which does not bode well for me actually fixing the front. Maybe I should just cut my losses?

I have started the boys winter warmth gift hats using the Farmer’s Market Hat pattern.Image

Seems lickety split. Using thrifted yarn that is mostly synthetic and a little bit wool. Coming to terms with me being a knitter who needs quick, simple patterns. I have a fair bit of nervous energy that is expended during knitting. So, I will just live with that for now!

Current book pile:


The Story of King Arthur and His Knights for me.  I am hoping to use The Book of Silliness (there are some cool online tutorials here) and Journal It! as a springboard for Dash’s journaling during lesson time (grade five). For grades one and two he did weekend journal, grade three was a weather journal, grade four a nature journal all done on Mondays. This year we are trying to do either a story, drawing or collage journal with him on Mondays. Dash didn’t quite know what I meant when talking about the new journal project so I hope these books will be helpful. I am finding them hugely entertaining. Gray being in grade two will continue with weekend journal. Everybody loves the Moomins, so more Moomins it is this week. The Whale is for Gray. Found it in the series section. Gray loves animal tales. I have never heard of this series before but thought we would give it a go.

Yarning Along with Ginny at Small Things.


4 thoughts on “yarn along.

  1. I’m sorry your knitting project didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Quite often I have those doubts and it works out fine and I feel silly for doubting myself. I’d have a go at fixing it but frog it if it doesn’t work out and make it into something you do want.

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