ImageBlurry photo of ‘Harriet the Spy’ sandwiches. Tomato slices with mayo. Our new favorites. I put this plate down on one of the stumps that serves as a table around the fire pit, turned my back to call everyone to eat and this chicken was eye balling them. Another one for our chickens-trying-to-eat-everything file.

ImageRe-configuring fencing for bunnies.

ImageTrying *again* to make our sun dial from At-home Nature Summer Camp. It keeps raining on us. But it cannot be overcast all summer, right?

ImageCollecting eggs!

ImageDigging holes.

Yesterday was spent being present while a new filter was put on our well-water. Such excitement. The boys even helped with soldering a few joins.

I have been cheating on my commitment to finish a project and wait to plan for the homeschooling year. Whoops. I guess there are worse things to do. I have our crafts/technics planned for the year. And I am suddenly interested in peach pit polishing and carving. I suppose it is because it is peach season now. More on that later.


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