14, 18 but who is counting?


Fourteen years ago today Dave and I left the bed and breakfast we were staying at in rural Vermont to get married in city hall. Eighteen years ago today we had our first date. We call it Coliseum Day. I suppose Harvard ‘Coliseum’ has better security these days and you cannot scale the gate with a pizza and have dinner after dark.

Remember when we moved in together? Moved again? You went on tour and I thought you would never come back? Remember when our apartment got broken in to by customers of the downstairs neighbor and they ripped most of the kitchen wall out to get in? Remember how we moved out with two boxes and never went back? When we broke up and got back together? Remember when we moved again and had a baby? And another one and another one and another one? What about that time we emigrated? Remember butchering our first chicken together? Remember sitting on the couch together last week in the midst of the chaos of our daily life and saying, Aren’t we lucky? Me too.

I love you. Happy anniversary.


3 thoughts on “14, 18 but who is counting?

  1. Love your little stroll down memory lane!! Happy anniversary, you two! You both truly remind me of what TEAM means – come on, butchering a chicken together!? Total team.

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