makings during a cool down.

You know sometimes you have an amazing day and the end is a bit of a let down? Well, yesterday Dave and the boys butchered the lamb which was very exciting, leaving one feeling a little smug even. After all that putting up of food for the winter we were all exhausted and drained but there was work to be done because during the past few nights we have become a feast for midges during our sleep. One thing I have learned about Canada, my friends, is that the bugs in the summer are something else up here. Something else. I have never lived with bugs like this. And we live on a moriane which cannot help. So we spent a large portion of the evening shutting the house up and killing hordes of bugs. The interesting thing about midges is that the female that bites is small enough to fit through the holes on your screens. Super. Adding in that the sewing machine is down, again. It is the timing and Dave is working on fixing it but a fix was just not going to happen and I had a dress waiting to be finished. Disappointing. Then I checked FB and my cousin just had posted that his wife was about to have their baby, a smidge early but full-term. What a way to turn around an evening! It is times like these that living so far away is hard. My  congratulations to them on their newest baby boy! He is quite a beauty.

On to the makings!

Before my machine pooped out I managed to sew the body and 1/2 of binding or what turned in to facings of a Wiksten tank dress. Over the past year of sewing pretty consistently and mostly for myself I have learned that I like plain. I blame it on my freckles. I don’t wear earrings or other jewelry. One teeny tiny tattoo on my inside ankle (which actually is more of a teaching tool for my children as in-See this is what happens when you let teen skate punks give you tattoos). It just all feels too busy. I have all this freckle action happening and things like contrasting bindings and pockets are too fussy. In fact I have noticed that I have on the fly changed a few patterns to make them more simple. Cutting the bindings extra wide and using them as facings instead. I like the smooth look. So the next time I make one of these tanks I intend on cutting the binding extra wide, rounding it a bit and making straight up facings instead of modifying. I am also hoping to add the Tova sleeves to the Tank for a Marimekko fabric dress. I think the yoke on the Tova might be a touch fussy with the ‘mekko print. We will see how that goes.


I have decided to put the twisted top pattern on hold. I traced it out and then realized that there would have to be quite a bit of paper manipulations that I am not up for right now. There are many winter days for this kind of thing.


I fixed two pairs of jammie shorts made for the brothers last summer. This summer they only fit the 7 year old brother. The fixes were necessary because when I first started sewing I was overly frugal with my seam allowances. I now use primarily french seams to combat my chronic frugality.


Then I just can’t leave these fabrics alone. Bleaching.Image

I salvaged this green and blue fabric  a few weeks ago. It was, well, bright and a little circus music-y. But how often do you find yardage on the side of the road?  The peach polka dots were much brighter and the dots were a sickening aqua, thrifted. One must work with what one has. Here both are toned down considerably. I can actually look at them without sunglasses. Dresses, maybe?

The weather has cooled out and now there are no more excuses for garden weeding which made me realize how much I was dreading do it.


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