yarn along.

ImageFinished! The Ruche Beret was intended for me but halfway through I realized it was only going to fit a toddler. And so, Rika’s it is! The vagaries of using a mish mash of yarn and not checking with the pattern first. I plan to knit hats this year for the first day of winter warmth gift I like to give the children so that pile is started. No harm, no foul.

ImageI have made considerable progress on the tank. In fact last night I finished the back and will start on the front today and then the straps.


Raising sheep the modern way by  Paula Simmons. We have had this book out of the library for the entirety of our lamb project and when we get land and can have a flock, I intend to purchase this book. I have found with sheep there is quite a lot of information but most of it is said with a shrug like the person writing it isn’t sure it’s worth trying. Confusing. I have found this book to be very informative and full of long term anecdotal evidence. I am using this book now for butchering information. The lambs have left for the abatoir this morning. I am waiting to hear how the ride went.

River Cottage Cookbook by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall.  One of the other things I am awaiting on husbands return is the organs of our lambs. Using the liver and kidney recipe. The first time I read this book I was green with envy. This was the life I wanted to live. Urgh, it hurt. And now I will be using it be prepare our first lamb meal. We are on our way.

I am trying to drum up some feelings of sadness over the departure of the lambs and maybe later today when I walk past their pen or I instinctively go to tend them I will have some. All I am feeling right now is excitement. A feeling of accomplishment and a little trepidation. Wondering if the money spent on feed and milk for the lambs will work in our favor. Saturday is butchering day here. Dave will be doing that work downstairs and I will be making sausages upstairs. If anyone has any sausage recipes they would like to share, please do. I was thinking of simply using a sage breakfast seasoning.

Yarning along with Ginny of Small Things.


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