food, glorious food.

Today I have been busy putting broccoli away for winter. It really is the time for this even being a heatwave. Disappointingly it is not from our garden (the broccoli were unhappy and droopy this spring and so we have replanted and are hoping for a fall harvest) but from a local family farm. And brace yourself. It is not an organic farm. Egad.

These last five years we have had to shake up how we do things. We moved to a country where food prices more reflect how much food actually costs (we also get socialized health care) and we have added two more children to the mix. In years after children and before our move it was a stipulation that all foods in our home must be organic. This wasn’t taking in to account either the baffling organic labeling and practices that just don’t seem to jive with organic to me or the social justice aspect that food and food production has taken on in our home country.

I now look at food in both the nutritional, and for a lack of a better word here spiritual aspect. Is this actual real food grown on a farm run by humans exercising their humanity? Is this food grown out of love of food, farming and family or is it run on the backs of people who become sick and are not treated properly?

I would love to purchase only organic, local and even biodynamic foods for my family but that is not our reality right now. What is our reality is providing what we can from our home. This year we are embarking on a project to grow 90% of our meat right here, at home where we spend our days. This first year of farm life we needed to make choices that are right for right now. Being as frugal and as kind as possible. Kindness being to treat our animals with care and respect allowing them to live their life as a farm animal should then eating them with respect throughout the winter.


I am right now formulating a budget for putting away for the winter. To get this food bill under control. Keeping quick runs to the market from happening as often as they have been. I am bulk purchasing to prepare for the snows.

ImageI am currently thinking that $1,000 is my budget. I am nearly faint typing that but I feel it is realistic to our needs.

Now back to that broccoli, it isn’t going to steam itself!


5 thoughts on “food, glorious food.

  1. that’s where we’re at. we’ve picked our service berry tree almost bare and frozen the berries. really have to put 10 locks and a chain around the freezer to prevent starving children from snacking them when there’s fresh fruits abound.

    1. Great food post! Our issue is storage for the winter…weighing the costs of adding a freezer and taking up much needed space in our home versus eating apples and root veggies all winter again. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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