off duty and paper making.

Yesterday I spent a large portion of the day resting.

ImageWith a sick toddler.


I did get some writing time in and as requested by my Editor (Dave) I have been hand writing it to make editing easier for him. Really it makes it easier for me too.

On Friday we made paper with pulp from recycling and flower petals.



A day baking in the sun is all our paper needed to dry and yesterday we were able to handle it.


Ready to be made in to birthday, thank you and we miss you cards.


Lumpy and bumpy but still usable.

Rika was tossing and turning all night so that sleep did not come till after 3am this morning. While I would like to get another resting day it is not in the cards for this particular day. The busy business of keeping things on track. I find it difficult to stray from my original plans because as of August 15, I will be planning and implementing our homeschool routine again and most of my day will be steering that particular ship. These carefree summer days are precious to me.


One thought on “off duty and paper making.

  1. I am with you there…I am fully appreciating each summer day spent without set plans or structure. A nice – and necessary – break from the homeschooling rhythm for all!

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