first egg.

ImageYesterday morning the girls laid the long awaited first egg. Isn’t it sweet?

Found in the rabbit hutch. Which is a little bit of a problem. Yesterday we decided their coop needed fresh bedding to make their nest boxes nice and attractive.

ImageNothing yet as of this morning but the watch is on!

ImageI am going off duty for today. After a few late nights with sick littles I am not feeling so hot myself.

**Robin update: All three have flown the nest. The mother fed them consistently and they  practiced their flying ending up stuck on the ground or on low tree branches. Dash and Gray would then put them back in the nest. Two successfully flew away it seems as we see them around but one did not make it.

ImageDash dug a small grave, sang the goodbye song and buried the robin chick. On the whole it went better than I had anticipated.


2 thoughts on “first egg.

  1. That is just amazing! Ours just laid their first sometime yesterday afternoon. I found it in the evening. And what a coincidence that we both have the same post title! After I posted, I thought I’d browse around the Homestead Blogs before I go to bed…and there’s your blog with the same title! Ha! Made me smile. Have fun on the homestead! ~Rose

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