summer reading and the big guy and little guy.

I was thinking the other day about books that make me think of summer and the ones I wish I could read for the first time all over again.

In no particular order:

Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset ~ Epic. I just devoured this book in the middle of a hot July a few years ago.

The Greenlanders by Jane Smiley ~ I cried about 50 pages before the end of the book because I knew I would never encounter these characters again.

The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins ~ Recommended by a favorite friend and housemate and then further loved because while reading I frequently shut the book to look at the Edward Gorey cover (the link does not show the Gorey cover but a pretty grisly scene from the book, ah, pulpy fiction)

All the Ngiao Marsh Inspector Allyn mysteries ~ the summer before we moved to Toronto I read an the entire shelf of these chosen from the shelves of the Providence Athenaeum.

If you are book snob, even a summer book snob avert your eyes to my next author on my list.

Georgette Heyer. Both the regency romances and the mysteries. Eat strawberries and read these. Heaven.

Last but not least in fact I lament that I have already read this book every time I recommend it to someone.

Larkrise to Candleford by Flora Thompson ~ One of my favorite take aways from this book is the description of the men and their comparisons of each family’s feeder pig. Most excellent. The book is an entirely different beast from the BBC tv show which is entertaining on it’s own in part because of Julia Sawala the daughter in Ab Fab plays the proto-feminist postmistress. I have a very annoying BBC game of ‘where have I seen that actor before’ that I can indulge in almost every episode of this series. The book is political and is on our ‘cusp of the industrial revolution’ homeschool booklist when we get there. I did find this link with books similar to Larkrise.

On another note. In five days our bottle fed lambs will be leaving us. A real test for me. They have given us a whole new rhythm that the chickens haven’t yet and with the constant feeding they require they have come to act as lambs in a field would not.

Evidence in the photos below.

ImageThe guys are munching on hay pushing against my legs in a way that seems to ask for a scratch.

ImageThese guys would drink from a bottle all day if possible. But that is not possible and they get three currently. Their breed do not seem to be good foragers and will eat little when in their ‘pasture pen’ near the woods but will eat heartily of grasses, clover and leaves offered by the children. In fact they will drive you crazy in the back area unless you hand feed them!

It gives me a pang of sadness to prepare for them leaving because I now know that I want a small flock and that just isn’t possible here.



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