yarn along.

Yarning and reading along with Ginny of Small Things.

I have started working on the Ruche Beret. Effortless and fun. I am smooshing a few yarns together here hoping the fuzziest and softest will be near my ears.

I have divided the tank and am working on the front. Soldiering on.


In the midst of this wave of sickness around here I am re-reading Take Charge of Your Child’s Health. Hands down my favorite practical children’s health book.


Here is an excerpt from the chapter on emergencies:

‘Emergency room personnel may well be the brightest on the America medical scene: They are exceptionally well trained with their own residency programs and board-certification process, and they have their own journals and conventions to keep them current in their own field. When it comes to snatching people from the clutches of death, they shine. It is little wonder, then, that these professionals are less than impressed with those who treat emergency rooms like clinics, coming to them with a sprained ankle, a crushed toe, or depression. They’ve been trained to perform miracles, not execute mundane medical duties.’

Throughout the years I have been to the e.r. for a myriad of reasons and always try to keep this thought in my head to shield my own feelings.

The whole book is no nonsense, practical and child-centred. I can’t recommend it enough.


4 thoughts on “yarn along.

  1. I like the yarn you are using. That is going to be real pretty! My daughter is in school to become an Emergency Room RN. A lot of people don’t like the sometimes chaotic atmosphere but she can’t wait!

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