the catastrophizer sews.

Back when we had Dash we began seeing a homeopath and it was suggested that I may be a catastophizer. A suggestion seconded and oft quoted by my husband. Yesterday was a good example when I took Rika in to the doctor because of a 24 hour 103F+ temperature. While nervously waiting with my droopy, feverish and uncharacteristically docile toddler I was already making plans for a hospital stay. Packing a bag in my head, thinking of who to call. I am in general not a fever over-reactor and rarely take temperatures but she was ‘acting sick’ not just feverish and there was not a giggle to be found. We decided on a ‘wait and see’. We waited and we now see a happy playing toddler today.


One that even shares her special raspberries picked in the early morning by her brother. The tale of the trickster toddler temperature. You got the catastrophizer again!

After our 48 hour snuggle I was able to sneak in to my sewing space and make the Gertie pencil skirt. I did envision using boning as suggested on the ultra-high waistband but was too eager to wait because I had  none on hand. When my machine was broken I even had a dream about this skirt in this particular thrifted fabric. The hem hits just below my knees and the waistband hits just below my bust.Image

While boning would give it some more defined structure being a creature of comfort I may have never worn it.


When one asks a child to take their picture one must not quibble about it being blurry.

I made a muslin first and I am glad I did because I used three different sizes each different for the waist, hips and length. I cut on sizes based on the measurements before being sewn and not the finished piece. Both the waist and hips we two sizes too big. I was on the right track and so shaved 1/4″ off the pattern widths and it worked beautifully. The zipper insertion was ghastly as I expected it to be. I hate putting in zippers. Practice makes perfect, strained smile. And while there are french seams don’t dare look at the inside. Zippers, shudder.

I have the pattern for her sleeveless top that I look forward to trying. Working my way up to the Wiggle Dress.


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