batik star maps and a fever and a read.

Yesterday had a bit of gloom about it and so we dove in to a craft.

Batik Star Maps by Sarah of Imagine Childhood from the At-Home Nature Summer Camp.

ImageI took everyone individually to prepare their fabric.  I painted  Rika, our toddlers out. The others chose the ‘princess’ constellation for her but then we all agreed that ‘Hercules’ was more apt.



These would be nice either as scarves with rolled sewn hems or maybe even making a pillow out of. The use is yet to be decided.

I did a little project of my own alongside. I am doing a second wax painting and dye bath today. The method of batik gives you a predictable pattern with ease. I like it. 

Yesterday afternoon Rika started running a fever and last night we were both of up most of the night with it. Her fever is so different from the toddler fever I had most recently been accustomed to, Sira’s which are fluttery and noncommittal, so different from her personality. This fever of Rikas is like a steam engine, it just keeps going. After tossing and turning with her for a while I started walking the floorboards to soothe her. On my patrol I was thinking of birth order and this book because her sickness so mirrors her eldest brothers fevers.

She is resting on my shoulder now after eating raspberries Gray picked this morning. I have a sneaky suspicion these little toddler toes will not touch the ground today.


3 thoughts on “batik star maps and a fever and a read.

  1. Sorry to hear about Rika. Hope it passes quickly.
    You have raspberries already? Mine are all still green!
    I’m looking forward to seeing the finished batik products!

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