highlights of the past few days.

Dash had his first model airplane flight.Image

A tad bumpy and very exciting.

ImageA new hobby for someone looking for something new.Image

I had the opportunity right before bedtime on my birthday to take Gray and Sira on a wildflower collecting walk. We also managed to collect quite a few caterpillars for some spoiled chickens.


A big bag of pipe cleaners has done us good.

ImageImpromptu play both together and apart when there has been too much togetherness.

The Queen Anne’s Lace project is a success.

ImagePut on a high shelf for all to enjoy because some of those among us thought they looked too good not to drink.

Having Dave home for three straight days without us venturing out too much made for a vacation that seemed longer than it was in a good way. And as always when he was home a few things that never seem to get done, did.

Like making another air powered water bottle rocket.

ImageFrom that old favorite of ours, Backyard Ballistics.

And some have a problem sharing so Dave made a special rocket just for Sira.

Image‘The Shark’

Then last but not least Dave fixed my sewing machine. I stood by watching the same videos online that he did the difference being he knew what he was looking at. Not mechanically inclined am I. I did have to take my lumps for being such a sewing slob and not cleaning my machine for 13 years. Yes, I hang my head in shame but it was all worth it.  After second breakfast I plan to take it for a spin on my muslin of a pencil skirt. Excitement!


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