Yesterday was my birthday. 36.

Everyone made me a wreath of vines from the woods. Since I generally am poking around in everyone’s business, I AM the Mama, they had to find a good place to hide it. And a very ingenious place they found. On the roof slung around the chimney. That husband is always full of surprises. And since I don’t like heights, a perfect place.

ImageI have belatedly begun to like wreaths. I must have been somewhere else when everyone else caught the bug.

ImageWhat I likelove about this wreath is it’s size. Around four foot by four foot. And virtually indestructible. Please do not tell anyone I said that.

Dave made a lunch which included these poppyseed sourdough rolls I made the day before.

ImageCheck out that crumb! I am pretty pleased with myself.

As part of my birthday gift Dave also kept some interested littles interested in something other that what I was doing.


ImageUpcycled fabric with quite a bit of freezer paper stenciling. All ready to be sent to a friend.

While I was working on the fabric Dave explored the At-Home Summer Nature Camp e-Curriculum and decided to make the honey popcorn planets, an activity by Sarah of Imagine Childhood. Proportion, talk of moons, popcorn,honey, shaping. Right up our alley. All were engaged whether by counting, calculating or deducing and making interesting assumptions.ImageUsing this book we have chosen our favorite constellations to use in the batik project in the Curriculum. When things clear up around here we will see what we can see, hopefully ours. This batik project comes up perfectly for me as batiking was next on my list of things to experiment with. Puttering around with fabric is one of my favorite pastimes.

I took a roadside ramble and picked a few Queen Anne’s Lace flowers for a simple experiment.

Working on our third flat of strawberries in two days. Telling myself that I love strawberries and I will especially love these strawberries in January.

My birthdays seem to be completely different every year. Sometimes we are so busy or moving or Dave is working but this year was my favorite of recent years. Being at home with my family.


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